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  iZotope Iris Factory LiBRARY Plus 7 Sound Library - основная библиотека плюс 7 дополнительный библиотек для инновационного ре-синтезатора iZotope Iris. (Перезалито)

   В пакет вошли: iZotope Iris Factory LiBRARY, iZotope Iris Altered LiBRARY, iZotope Iris Glass Library, iZotope Iris Modular LiBRARY, iZotope Iris Monsters Library, iZotope Iris Toys Sound Library, iZotope Iris Voice Sound Library, Izotope Iris Wood Sound Library.
  Iris is an innovative sampling re-synthesizer that frees you to create sounds that could never before be produced. Start by dissecting up to three distinctive audio samples, using Irisʼs spectrogram display and easy selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics. Blend and layer your modified samples, then beef up their impact with a choice of suboscillator waveforms.
  Still hungry for more? Add attitude and dimension to your creation by applying iZotopeʼs world-class effects and processors, including chorus, reverb, delay, distortions, and filters.
  For the synth enthusiasts out there, never fear! Favorite synth features like amplitude envelopes, LFOs, root note detection and key mapping are all there for advanced musical control, as well as the all-new Radius®RT for real-time pitch-shifting while preserving your sample's timing.
  Sound advice
Iris is ideal for anyone seeking a completely fresh take on sampling and synthesis, particularly sound designers and composers working on music and sound for film, television and video games. With over 500 intensely creative patches available for immediate use, Iris is also perfect for any musician dreaming of diverse and compelling new sounds.
  If your old sample libraries are looking dusty and tired, revive and rejuvenate the material by bringing it into Iris. Breathe new life into every audio file in your collection... blend the scream of raccoon with a howling wind and your favorite vintage synth pad for a sublime new texture. Take the sounds of a swarming bee hive, a rattling conveyor belt, and a sampled cello to create new musical ambiences. With Iris, you can find music in everything!
Natural selection
  Evolve your sounds rapidly with Irisʼs diverse and intuitive visual selection tools. By drawing shapes in the Iris spectrogram, you can isolate specific audio frequencies within a sample and play them back immediately on your MIDI keyboard.
Tools include:
Lasso: for free-hand drawing of any size or shape
Brush: for more fluid selections, with a convenient adjustable brush size
Magic Wand: for selecting whole regions with a similar spectral profile, including upper harmonics
Many more: with options for selecting by time as well as frequency
  Iris makes it fun to experiment and manipulate your selections even further, with additional controls for zooming, rearranging, inverting, looping, reversing, and pitch-shifting.
Shape shifting
  As you make your spectral selections, energize and customize each sample you've layered (including the Sub waveform) with a dedicated set of synthesizer controls. For each sample, adjust envelope shaping, a tempo-synced LFO, and other parameters for tweaking the amplitude, modulation, and playback of your sound source. Adjust several parameters at once with Macro Controls, and get hands-on by mapping Iris controls to the knobs and buttons on your MIDI controller.
  In addition, a global filter envelope and LFO let you manipulate your patch as a whole, granting unified movement to the overall sound of your patch.
Sound sculpting
  In addition to spectral selection capabilities and analog-style synthesizer controls, Iris features a healthy dose of iZotope's award-winning DSP.
Distortion: Add grit and saturation to your sound with iZotope Trash-inspired algorithms like Tube, Clipping, and Scream.
Chorus: Supply a detuned or spacious chorus effect with an all-new iZotope Chorus, inspired by analog synth reverbs with a modern flanger-like twist.
Delay: Enjoy lush decays with an analog-style stereo Delay, with a bonus Analog-modeled distortion algorithm that can crunch and darken your delayed signal.
Reverb: Expand your sense of space with a Reverb designed for synths, great for everything from small slap-back style ambience to extended long-push pads.
Filters: Give attitude and dimension to your sound with ten different Filter flavors, including Screaming Peak, Warm Synth Low Pass, and Retro Band Pass.
The Iris Sound Library
  A world of sound design is at your fingertips, with hundreds of patches from world-class sound designers and 4 GB of idea-provoking audio samples, including recordings of insects, animals, machines, musical instruments, and much more.
A sampling of Iris Samples
Go wild: bees, dolphins, cockatoos, and seagulls...
Go industrial: metal drones, generators, drills, and fans...
Go acoustic: tubular bells, glass harps, violins, and strings...
Go electric: zaps, crackles, guitars, and pianos...
Go vocal: vocoders, chants, choirs, and wails...
Go natural: rainfall, wind, seascapes, and fountains...
Go textured: drones, pulses, sweeps, and FX...
Go crazy: hedge clippers, party horns, fireworks, and dumpsters...
  Special bonus: Go vintage with recordings from classic and extremely rare synths, including the ARP 2500, the EMS VCS3, the Korg PS3100, the Yamaha CS-80, and the Logan String Melody.
 A peek at Iris Patches
Ambient patches: Cryogenix, Whale Love Songs, Gifted Children, Night Spelunker ...
Bass patches: Turkey Basster, Pulsing Dub Thunder, Deep Funk Plunk, Speaker Worm ...
Experimental patches: Chalkboard Fingers, Dusty Cartridge, The Glare Snitch Project, Power Suit ...
Keys patches: Mad Hatter Waltz, Pharaoh's Kurse, Spoon Full of Salt, Victorian-Era Trance ...
Lead patches: Curse of the Dance, Industrial Mozart, Stadium Lazer, Keytar Fantasy ...
Pad patches: Astral Wiggle, Grimm Forest Bots, R3v3rs3, MyOptic ...
Percussive patches: Brutal Fuzz Hit, Sippie Cup, Maple Town Sprockets, Trash Swallow ...
Retro patches: Applesass, Snark Mow Effect, Dr. Smoooove, Siberian Squiggle ...
Vocal patches: Astro Fastro Now Say Ahhhh, Yellow Haze, Choir Needs Metronome ...

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Разработчик: iZotop
Платформа: Windows
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Размер архива: Factory LiBRARY - 3.94 Гб; Glass Library - 309 Мб; Monsters Library - 44.4 Мб; Toys Sound Library - 292 Мб; Voice Sound Library - 347 Мб; Wood Sound Library - 199 Мб; Altered library - 620 Мб; Modular library - 710 Мб.

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